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Mitgliedshochschule Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg

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With its founding on in the year 1402, the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg (JMU) constitutes the oldest university in Bavaria. True to its guiding principle “Science for Society”, the JMU strives to gain new insights into areas of research that are relevant to the future. It attaches great importance to cooperation with businesses.

The global networking of JMU as part of several hundred university partnerships and over 500 Erasmus partnerships enables international research and study. Young people from more than 60 nations obtain their doctorates at the university’s four graduate schools.

The JMU owes its research success to its top-class scientists as well as its interdisciplinary research centres, which afford excellent opportunities for collaboration. Thus, JMU together with TU Dresden, was successful in the excellence strategy of the Federal and State Governments with the excellence cluster ct.qmat from the field of physics.

The JMU enjoys a very good global reputation in research: In international rankings, it comes under the best 200 universities worldwide, for example 163rd place in the Times Higher Education-Ranking of World Universities (THE) 2019.

Prestigious awards are often conferred on Würzburg – such as the Leibniz Prizes from the DFG or grants from the European Research Council. Providing individual support to their scientists at all career stages is eminently important for JMU.

There are 250 degree courses to choose from at JMU. As a comprehensive university, it offers a wide range of studies from humanities and social sciences, life and natural sciences, and selected high-tech engineering disciplines. In addition to subjects established since its founding such as law, medicine, philosophy and theology, there are also a number of innovative courses such as nano structure technology, functional materials, biomedicine, games engineering, digital humanities, and human-computer systems. This also includes teacher training courses for almost all types of schools.

JMU offers its students modern teaching, which it is constantly developments with new formats such as “inverted classrooms”. Students receive intensive support already during the transition from school to university. The JMU is certified as a family-friendly university and has borne the seal of system accreditation since 2018.


Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli

Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli

The university is a member of the following BayWISS Joint Academic Partnerships:

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Currently 1 professor of Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg is active members in our Joint Academic Partnership Economics and Business.

Prof. Dr. Martin Kukuk

Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg

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Academic Life Long Learning

Center for Continuing Education (CCE)

Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg

Center for Continuing Education (CCE) bietet seit 2013 als zentrale Einrichtung für akademische Weiterbildung in Kooperation mit den Fakultäten und Einrichtungen der JMU markt- und bedarfsgerechte Weiterbildungsangebote für vielfältige Zielgruppen an.

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Get in contact with us. We look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions on the Joint Academic Partnership Economics and Business.

Dr. Sabine Fütterer-Akili

Dr. Sabine Fütterer-Akili

Koordinatorin BayWISS-Verbundkolleg Gesundheit und BayWISS-Verbundkolleg Economics and Business